Co-Mission Media Forum 2010

The Co-Mission Media Forum will be happening again – at the Factory in Raynes Park once more. The provisional date for this is Saturday 13th February. (This is later than the date given at the previous conference). The general theme will be the eternal value of our work. (There’ll be a snappy title for this by then, I’m sure.)

Following the feedback received, there will be a concerted attempt to allow more time for ‘industry-specific’ discussion and application. The day may also last slightly longer. We’ll try to raise our game on the catering, too. We hope to run a creche and a children’s programme of some sort too.  The tickets, then, may be a little more expensive – but still cheap as chips compared to other conferences. More details will be forthcoming over the summer, but keep it free – and consider who else might benefit from the day’s teaching. And then invite them.